Imanol Zubiaurre

Imanol ZubiaurreGALcvWEB
90x90 cm350€
60x60 cm250€
40x40 cm150€
30x30 cm100€
Limited edition of 20 prints
Papel Hahnemühle Photo Rag 380.
Tintas pigmentadas Epson.
Incluye certificado homologado y firmado.
El tamaño incluye un margen de 1 cm.
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Imanol ZubiaurreGALcvWEB

Imanol Zubiaurre (Beasain, 1982)

Photography is a hobby that emerged once I finished my studies and started working; until then, I didn't have much interest in artistic photography. 

Before all this, I did some painting and drawing, especially forest and mountain landscapes, and, from time to time, I also did some portraits. Although I still do them, photography has become my hobby to which I dedicate most of my time.

I've liked the world of computers since they landed at home, at the age of 12-13 years old. Since then I have made video-games, open-software applications, both for PC and smartphones. These last few years, my big project has become The Photographer's Assistant, an application originally for mobile phones, which I later migrated to PCs, very focused on nature and landscape photographers.

I use my free time to improve the application, in photography and going for walks while looking for new places to photograph.

Member of Argizpi Argazkilari Elkartea since 2017

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