about us

Portfolio Natural is a project which grew out of an idea by a group of Nature photographers and which aims to offer high quality, limited edition, numbered copies of their works to the public. This initiative is in response to the limited presence of this type of images in artistic circles and aims to promote and sell works by individual artists commonly known as 'fine art photography'.


Aware that Nature photography also deserves to have its own place within artistic photography, we have decideded to promote a style of work which has often been ignored by the arts community -collectors, museums, galleries, institutions and photographic groups-. Through our web site we propose to use a system which allows anyone to communicate directly with the artist/photograher and so facilitates posible commissions, provides first hand knowledge of the artists whole work and information regarding the purchasing of works.

Likewise, we are receptive to any initiative which allows us to collaborate in collective exhibitions, individual shows, competitions and photographic festivals, and that enables us to exhibit our works and fosters real 'fine art' Nature photography.
As a dynamic project based around an initial idea by a group of photographers, whose intention it is to enlarge itself over time, our aim is to periodically promote on our web site works by other authors whose samples of Nature photography we consider are of the highest standard and that enrich, consolidate and promote the founding ideals of this high quality creative project


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