Joaquín Fernández Caparrós

Joaquín Fernández CaparrósGALcvWEB
90x90 cm300€
60x60 cm200€
40x40 cm150€
30x30 cm70€
Limited edition of 20 prints
Papel Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 380
Tintas pigmentadas Epson
Incluye certificado homologado
El tamaño incluye margen blanco de 1 cm
Gastos de envío incluidos para España peninsular
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Joaquín Fernández CaparrósGALcvWEB

 was born in Almería in 1978.
This land of light and true landscape captivated me since I was a child and over the years I found in photography the necessary tool to connect with it. 
My first approaches to photography responded to the need to document personal and work projects, but I soon discovered its possibilities as a means of expression.
For more than 15 years landscape photography has been the main subject of my work.
The mountain, the sea, the desert or the forest, are the sceneries where I look for my images, and finally they are the places where I discover that deep sense of calm and serenity that every human being needs to find himself.
A respectful, calm and humble approach, where I can only have words of gratitude towards photography for keeping me alert to the wonderful spectacle that Mother Nature offers us every day.


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