Luis Llavori

Luis Llavori

Luis LlavoriGALcvWEB
58x58 cm400€
42x42 cm250€
29x29 cm150€
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Limited edition of 15 prints
Papel Hahnemühle Photo Rag 380.
Tintas pigmentadas Epson.
Incluye certificado homologado y firmado.
El tamaño incluye un margen de 1 cm.
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Detail 1
Detail 2
Following infinity
Parallel Symphony
Etxako basoa
Autumn abstraction 1
Monte Santiago
Autumn abstraction 2
Otarre 1
Otarre 2
In the woods
Negoa 1
Negoa 2
Negoa 3
Urederra 1
Planetary 1
Structure 1
Planetary 2
She dances Alone
Luis LlavoriGALcvWEB


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Luis Fco. Llavori Romatet. Zumaia 1951 

Draftsman Designer and photographer by nature.

Since early age he has been a lover of contemplative art, landscape, music, and family. He begins to develop photography in a total self‐ taught way in 1988, for the sheer intention to capture those ephemeral visions, those unique moments that last as much as a sigh and that produce such wellness to the soul.

The theme in which he feels at his ease, in general, is landscape. He also works easily in the study of different characteristics of a number of animal and vegetable species in the macrophotography form. He also takes pleasure in the visions offered by nature to produce creative photography.

Light and colour, as well as, extreme weather conditions in the countryside are the aspects that produce in him greatest passion and that give him the most surprising and gratifying images when he returns home and begins to process his field work on his computer.

Owing to strictly priority personal and compatible reasons, his area of work is limited to 15 Km around his home. That is the reason why his images, lately, have been concentrated more in the discovery of new shapes, colours and abstractions that are offered by the near nature. He works with the hope and delusion that in the near future, not too far from the present, he will be able to travel to places where he will photograph new experiences and in this way, be able to complete the cycle of the earthly existence.

Hope you enjoy seeing these images as much as I have enjoyed taking

  • Member of Portfolio Natural
  • Member of AEFONA (Spanish Association of Nature Photographers)
  • Artista de la CEF (Confederación Española de Fotografía)

On the Net:

  • Images in audiovisual of AEFONA "Natural Melody"
  • AEFONA Gallery in FNA (Nature Photographers of Argentina)
  • Personal Gallery in FNA (Nature Photographers of Argentina)
  • Gallery in Fotonatura
  • NATURA: Regards créatifs sur la nature Portfolio Natural, Altus Editions. (co-author)
  • Fotógrafos 2006 (co-author)
  • Mont, imatges de muntanya i natura (co-author)
  • Inspirats per la Natura – Montphoto 2012 (co-author)
  • Naturaleza 2012 . Libro Porfolio Aefona (co-author)
  • Iris (AEFONA)
  • Iris LNH (AEFONA)
  • Visión Salvaje
  • Contraluz
  • LNH
  • 3th Prize XVII photographic Competition of Mushrooms  Luken Solaguren Memorial 2016 of Amorebieta
  • 1st Prize XVI photographic Competition of Mushrooms  Luken Solaguren Memorial 2015 of Amorebieta
  • Prize Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa Kirolgi Fundazioen XIII. Kirol Argazki Lehiaketa 2014
  • 1st Prize  Photograph Competition José Alonso Labra Memorial 2014 Autumn Salon
  • 2 Finalist  pieces in  'BBC Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 20014
  • 1st Prize Teknopolis month of June 2014
  • 1st Prize "Kirolgi Fundazioa" DFG section 2014
  • 3nd Prize Sport photographic Competition Kirolgi Foundation 2013
  • 1st Prize XIV photographic Competition of Mushrooms  Luken Solaguren Memorial 2013 of Amorebieta
  • 1st Prize Zarautz photographic Rally Fernando Maiztegi Memorial 2013
  • 2nd Prize  Photograph Competition José Alonso Labra Memorial 2013
  • Bronze Medal  8th Salon Sicafi of Argentina 2011
  • 1st Prize in 2009, 2nd Prize in 2010 and 2011 in Competition  'EL MUNDO DE LAS SETAS' of La Peña la Zarceta de Santoña
  • 2nd Prize in Colindres Photograph Competition of Mushrooms  2011
  • 1st Prize in 2008, 2nd Prize in 2009 and 3rd Prize in 2010 in Vilagarciá de Arousa´s Mushroom Photograph Competition 'Enrique Valdés Bermejo'
  • Finalist of 'General Nature and Ecological Complaint' in Montphoto 2010 
  • Gold Medal in CAF, Ribon PSA and Ribon FIAP in Natural Section '7th Salón 2009 SICAFI of Argentina'
  • 1 Finalist and 9 Semifinalist pieces in  'BBC Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2009'
  • 1st Prize IV Natural and Mountain Photograph Competition OSTADAR 2008
  • AEFONA Prize 'Certamen Fotográfico de Médio Ambiente de Colmenar Viejo' 2007
  • Excelence Prize in category 'B' The Epoch Times Photo Competition 2007
  • 2nd Prize of Biennial Nature SICAFI 2007 of Argentina
  • 1st Prize Mountain Trofeu Montbarbat 2005
  • 1st Prize Complaint Trofeu Montbarbat 2005
  • 4th Prize Nature Montphoto 2008
  • 1st Prize Pyrenaica of Mountain 2007.


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