Rodrigo Nuñez Buj

Rodrigo Nuñez BujGALcvWEB
90x90 cm500€
60x60 cm400€
40x40 cm300€
30x30 cm200€
Limited edition of 25 prints
Papel Hahnemühle Photo Rag 380.
Tintas pigmentadas Epson.
Incluye certificado homologado y firmado.
El tamaño incluye un margen de 1 cm.
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Rodrigo Nuñez BujGALcvWEB

Rodrigo Núñez Buj

My name is Rodrigo Núñez Buj, I was born on February 1, 1978 in Oviedo, but I have lived in Llanes since then.  I studied until I was 18 years old in this fishing village and then I did two engineering studies (technical and higher) in Telecommunications in Santander.
I did not start early in the world of photography, indeed, my interest was late, but today I can say that it is a hobby that fills much of my little free time, a very grateful hobby that has made me live unforgettable moments.

I define myself as a real passionate of landscape and nature photography, lately focused on creative photography looking for abstraction or impressionism. I move in search of magical places with my sensor ready to capture each and every interesting thing that appears in my angle of vision. Creativity is a dynamic process, a living force, an indispensable element.

I never liked to leave the photo alone, I always accompany it with a suggestive title, a text, a story or a poem. Why? To try to convey what I was feeling at the moment of the shot, or what I want to express through it. Text and image form a powerful artistic whole.
I have made several photographic exhibitions and in 2022 I have published my first book: "La Indecisa Mar", photography, literature and music in 256 pages. Book of which, as it can not be otherwise, I am very proud. More to come...


La Indecisa Mar

The sea is a very important part of the lives of those of us who live on the coast. When we are in inland areas, there comes a moment - which does not last long - when we need to know about it again, to see it again, to feel it again.

The book is about my relationship with the coast, with the beaches, with the places created by nature that evoke the most feelings in me. Over the last few years I have photographed the coast of Lanzarote in a thousand different ways, and the book presents a selection of the best images in a logical order according to the story I am trying to convey. The photos do not stand alone, they are accompanied by poems and short stories, forming a whole that goes beyond the image.

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