Antonio Fernandez

Antonio FernandezGALcvWEB
90x90 cm300€
60x60 cm220€
40x40 cm170€
30x30 cm120€
Limited edition of 20 prints
Papel Hahnemühle Photo Rag 380.
Tintas pigmentadas Epson.
Incluye certificado homologado y firmado.
El tamaño incluye un margen de 1 cm.
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Antonio FernandezGALcvWEB

His life is currently spent between a village on the Asturian coast and the north of Extremadura, where he was born.  He is a building engineer and, from an early age, he acquired knowledge of various drawing techniques, which led him to watercolour and later to painting, becoming a pupil of the painter Antonio Lopez, from whom he learned to observe and appreciate the technique of painting "in the field".


Little by little he became a tireless traveller and, carrying his watercolour equipment, he spent hours and hours trying to capture the landscapes he visited.


All of this led him to encounter landscape photography, or rather large landscape photography. His vocation and admiration for nature led him over time to try to capture in his photographs the splendour of the trees and the richness of the shapes and crevices of the rocks.


Over the years, his technique and his vision of nature have evolved.



The passion he feels for photography is based on a continuous process of learning and searching for personal evolution, enriched by the exchange of knowledge and experience with other enthusiasts of this Art, which compensates remarkably for this solitary occupation that Nature Photography becomes.


Simply, to borrow the words of a friend: "Photographing makes you happy".



His work pursues an intimate vision of the natural spectacles that inspire and excite him; trying to capture those memorable moments of light, colours, shadows and environments in which Nature invites us to be mere spectators of the emotion and charm that are outlined before our eyes.


In recent years, some of his photographs have won awards in various national and international nature photography competitions and contests.


Member of AFONAS, Association of Nature Photographers of Asturias.

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