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Portfolio Natural welcomes the participation of nature photographers from all over the world who are interested in taking part in this interesting adventure.

We must stress, however, that due to limits on our time and energy we can only promise to select (approximately every three months) those projects, from all those which we receive, that we consider reflect best the founding spirit of this project, which is none other than to offer high quality nature photography through numbered limited editions to the public.
All those who submit works will receive confirmation by e-mail of whether their work has been selected, not selected or is on the reserve list. If your work is selected, you will need to provide Portfolio Natural with all the material necessary for its showing on the website.
In order to enable an agile management of the website, all the works submitted need meet the following entry requirements:
  • Number of images: 25
  • File format: JPG at 80% quality
  • Maximum Dimension: 1200 pixels
  • All images should be unclassified and only numbered 1- 25
All works should be sent by email to
Portfolio Natural guarantees that the submitted works will only be used in the selection process and in exhibiting.
The selected artists shall also agree to periodically renew their images with others of the same or superior quality and similar theme (that is, nature). Failure to meet these conditions may result in the removal of an image or portfolio from the gallery.
For its part, Portfolio Natural promises to maintain the upkeep of the website, as well as the time needed to select new works. The selection process will be based on the strict criteria related to the quality of the work, creativeness and interest of the work in question. No other factor will be taken into account (name, curriculum, format, colour or black and white, topic, etc).
Finally, all those artists who submit works for selection (whether selected or not) shall agree to accept each and every one of the conditions set out above.
Good luck.
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